Cultivating a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Transformative Power of Synthetic Biology



The recent EIC x SYNBEE Day on the 9th of April in the European Commission, Brussels, served as a testament to the commitment of SYNBEE and its partners to advancing the field of synthetic biology. 


Hosted by the European Innovation Council (EIC) and SYNBEE, this event served as a platform to highlight the immense potential of synthetic biology in addressing climate change and fostering sustainability.


This event marked a significant milestone as SYNBEE and the European Innovation Council joined forces to illuminate the path toward a sustainable, innovative future in synthetic biology.


The day served as a hub of ideas, bringing together academia, young researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, early-stage investors.


In a nutshell



Jean-David Malo, Director of European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), set the stage for a series of captivating discussions.

Professor Stéphane Lemaire, Director of Biofoundry at Sorbonne University, and

Biomemory CSO and Professor Vitor B. Pinheiro from KU Leuven, painted a vivid picture of the diverse applications and breakthrough potential of synthetic biology, spanning from bio-based materials to biodegradable plastics, carbon-neutral fuels, agricultural bioengineering and DNA data storage. 

Victoria Sassoon,  Associate Director of Capital Markets at Synonym Bio, provided an enlightening overview of the synthetic biology market landscape.

Based on the SWOT analysis conducted by the SYNBEE consortium, spearheaded by Dr. Sindhu Naik, PhD from Delft University of Technology, the day buzzed with enthusiasm as four lively roundtable discussions brought together experts in startup formation, regulatory matters, and securing both public and private funding.


The first panel was dedicated to the “Startup creation in Synbio” and moderated by Marcel Wittmund, Director of iGEM Startups. Our esteemed panelists included Dr. Thomas Landrain, Co-Founder and President of JOGL (Just One Giant Lab), Dr. Sira Mogas Díez, CEO at KOA Biotech, Dr. Bouke de Jong, Chief Technology Officer at Planet University of Technology, and Dr. Olivier TOMAT, Executive Director Entrepreneurship and Acceleration at GIP Genopole.


The discussion on the second panel was around the “Regulatory aspects in Synthetic Biology”, moderated by Dr. Thomas Landrain. Our honored panelists were Dr. Ana Atanassova, Global Regulatory Policy at BASF Agricultural Solutions, Dr. Bouke de Jong, Chief Technology Officer at Planet, and Prof. Hördur V. Haraldsson, National Expert in the EEA


Moving to the third panel, this one was dedicated to the subject “Access to Public Funding” and it was moderated by one of the Co-organizers of the event, a Synthetic Biology Practice Leader at Da Vinci Labs, Dr. Nadège Grabowski. Our prestigious panel could count on Dr. Patrick Rose, Innovation Manager at SPRIND – Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovationen, Dr. Francesco Matteucci, Programme Manager in the EIC, and also Dr. Andy Kerr, Chief Strategy Officer at EIT Climate-KIC CEE


Finally, the fourth panel focused on “Access to Private funding, moderated by Victoria Sassoon,  Associate Director of Capital Markets at Synonym Bio. Our esteemed panelists were Dr. Kristin Thompson, Private Investment Expert, Antoine Pechin, Investment Director at SynBioVen, and also Jan Honoré, Managing Partner at Zaz Ventures.



On these 4 panels, a powerhouse of thought leaders engaged in robust discussions shaping the future of synthetic biology.


A highlight of the event was the SYNBEE Pitch Competition, where 9 promising startups (Algaevity; inLux Biotech; Celluol; Asteasier; BioHalo; NoPest; Syngens; Electric Skin; Laastix) showcased their innovative solutions for a greener, more sustainable future. We were thrilled to announce the deserving winners announced by Dr. Nadège Grabowski:

Laastix: Pitch presented by Mathieu Nohet. Crafting high-quality, reliable, and sustainable rubber with a low carbon footprint;

BioHalo: Pitch presented by Johann Liebeton. Pioneering biofluorination technology as a sustainable alternative to conventional fluorochemistry practices;

Syngens: Pitch presented by Rahmi Lale. Harnessing AI-powered DNA design for limitless opportunities in synthetic biology.


The event proved to be a pivotal moment for fostering robust partnerships between researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers. 

Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in networking, exchanging insights, and cultivating relationships poised to break down boundaries and merge diverse fields. From lively discussions to spontaneous brainstorming sessions, attendees embraced the chance to forge alliances that promise to drive innovation and progress beyond conventional constraints in Synthetic Biology.



For those eager to delve deeper, you will find below the presentations by our esteemed speakers during this enlightening day:




These resources offer a gateway to a future brimming with promise in the realm of Synthetic Biology.


Full video of the event available on the SYNBEE Youtube Channel.


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