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We are here to make a scalable impact in the area of Synthetic Biology


What do we aim to achieve?

We provide youth access to SynBio industry​​

We enhance entrepreneurial education​​

We empower female SynBio talents

We support EU innovation ecosystems locally and holistically

We facilitate flows of SynBio innovation resources across EU​

We boost youth digitalisation and IT skills​


SynBio News

Interview with Paul Naphtali, the founder of GenoWrite
Preliminary announcement of a ZonMw (NL) call for Antimicrobial Resistance
Eurogia call for low-carbon technology projects

SYNBEE brings together 14 leading business, research and academic institutions from 8 countries (France, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States) with the strong ambition to harness the entrepreneurial potential of  Synthetic Biology.

We complement each other in terms of background knowledge, technical competencies, capability of new knowledge creation, business and market experiences and expertise in education domains where the project innovation can be readily exploited.

Beneficiary Partners

Associated Partners


“Synthetic biology will renew and challenge many industries. Now it is time to also boost the commercial exploitation of the research results in synthetic biology in Europe via targeted entrepreneurial training. This is the main objective of the SYNBEE consortium. I am pleased and honored to coordinate it, and confident that with such extraordinary players, this project will be a great success.”

Alexandra Chukas
SYNBEE Project Coordinator (Da Vinci Labs)

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