Interview with Paul Naphtali, the founder of GenoWrite

Self-employment in synthetic biology

New co-working approaches multiply. Some people prefer to be self-employed (to freely manage their working time) and be remote consultants on a specific topic/subject with multiple clients, rather than being permanently employed by one organization. Startups’ activities often do not need 100% commitment from one specific collaborator, but necessitate occasional consulting on specific missions. Both statements support the idea of self-employment.

SYNBEE proposes to train candidates in multiple transversal topics on the crossroads between bioengineering and entrepreneurship. It will provide exceptional exposure to a broad network of industrial and other market players – potential clients, providing a great opportunity for self-employment.
Interviews with currently self-employed consultants aim to provide an overview and tips, helping to better organize transition to self-employment. One of the first interviews in this series is with Paul Naphtali, Founder of GenoWrite.

About Paul
Paul Naphtali is the founder of GenoWrite. He began his career in life sciences by obtaining an MSc in Biology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He then went through the PhD program in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University. Along the way, he founded Microbe Musings, a microbiology-centered blog, and became a Cystic Fibrosis Advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. He then began his freelance writing career in 2022 by writing for communications agencies on the human microbiome, ‘omics, and nutrition. Then in 2023, Paul founded GenoWrite to supply biotech companies worldwide with content writing for
their marketing campaigns.

About GenoWrite
GenoWrite is a global science communications agency. It was founded in March 2023 to help biotech companies elevate their brands through content writing. GenoWrite supplies blogs, white papers, application and technical notes, and case studies. GenoWrite also conducts interviews, covers conferences, and executes email and social media marketing for clients. Put together, GenoWrite helps biotech companies providing R&D services and developing therapeutics realize their marketing goals through strong content marketing.

You can find GenoWrite at and follow GenoWrite through its LinkedIn page.




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