Postdoctoral researcher (all genders) 

Location: The Group “Self-Organizing Systems Lab” of Prof. Heinz Koeppl at the Centre for Synthetic Biology invites application for a 

Duration: Full-time, initially limited to 2 years

The research project is concerned with the use and development of machine learning / AI algorithms for the design of novel biomolecules in the domain of synthetic biology. This includes novel regulators such as transcription factors, regulatory RNAs but also novel structural proteins. Research will focus on transformer-based sequence models and also diffusion models. Extensions to larger regulatory systems, comprising several coupled transcription factors will be considered. Novel computational design will be validated within the wet-lab of the group. The researcher will be hosted at TU Darmstadt with extensive exposure to the private sector.


·   PhD degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering or equivalent

·       Strong interest in molecular biology and synthetic biology

·       Strong motivation to work in an interdisciplinary team


– Inspiring international and interdisciplinary working environment

– Excellent facilities and network within TU Darmstadt and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI)

– Attractive training programmes for employees of the TU Darmstadt

How to apply: please send a cover letter, a CV, and contacts of two references to [email protected]

By submitting your application (cover letter, CV, contact of two references), you agree that your data may be stored and processed for the purpose of filling the vacancy. 

Submitting your application, you agree that your data may be stored and processed for the purpose of filling the vacancy. You can find our privacy policy on our webpage. 

The candidate should be ready to apply for the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship and in case of success will be invited to join the team.

The position proposes to join a team at the TU Darmstadt. The candidate will have broad exposure to the private sector via a link with the newly created startup company. 

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