SYNBEE Pitch Competition Unveils Top 10 Finalists Propelling Sustainability and Green Innovation

We are thrilled to announce that the finalists for the SYNBEE Pitch Competition have been meticulously chosen. From a pool of submissions spanning countries such as France, Latvia, the UK, Italy, Denmark, and Norway, 10 outstanding innovative projects aiming to address challenges within the realms of sustainability and green innovation have secured their spots in this highly anticipated competition.


Objectives of Each Category:

Green Innovation:

Projects in this category were tasked with crafting solutions that boast a positive environmental impact. Examples include the creation of biofuels from cyanobacteria and genetically modified enzymes designed to capture methane, transforming it into new biodegradable biopolymers.



Participants in this category were challenged to rethink how we protect the existing resources of our land. Projects span multi-use textiles, biomining, and initiatives focused on nature conservation.


Meet the Selected Projects:

inLux Biotech: Optimized luminescence genetic construction facilitating visual and reliable data on pathogen behavior. This aids in testing and validating the efficacy of biocontrol solutions, emphasizing speed and growth inhibition.

Lastrix: Biosynthetic natural rubber produced in bioreactors using engineered microorganisms and synthetic organelles.

GreenLeaf: Combining synthetic biology and machine learning to develop engineered bacteriophages as effective pesticides. This project revolutionizes sustainable disease management for crops, fostering global food security.

BioHalo: Bio-based materials as safe, eco-friendly, and high-performance replacements for harmful PFAS.

NoPest: Novel Pesticides for a Sustainable Agriculture: This biotech platform significantly reduces the identification time of antimicrobial molecules and minimizes fungicides’ impact on the environment while ensuring target specificity.

Syngens: AI-powered DNA design platform for programming and engineering biology to tackle challenges in green innovation and sustainability.

Algaevity: Genetically engineered pest control systems.

Celluol: Cost-competitive carbon-negative fuels and chemicals via a biocatalyst that directly transforms cellulosic waste into ethanol.

Asteasier: Novel microalgae strains engineered to efficiently produce Astaxanthin.

Electric Skin: Renewable biomaterial self-charging batteries.


All finalists will undergo training on effective pitching practices and will have the unique opportunity to meet with synthetic biology experts. They will present their groundbreaking projects during SYNBEE day in April in Brussels, Belgium. The project deemed as the best solution to sustainability and green innovation challenges, utilizing synthetic biology, will be honored with in-kind prizes from our sponsors.


The SYNBEE Pitch Competition promises not only to showcase cutting-edge ideas but also to pave the way for tangible advancements in the fields of sustainability and green innovation. Stay tuned for an exciting display of innovation at SYNBEE day this April!



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