SYNBEE Training Sessions are now over!

The first ever SYNBEE Training Program is now completed


The first ever SYNBEE Training program is now over. We have supported around 20 students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. We want to thank all the experts who have ran workshops, the students and the teams involved in planning this program.

For these workshops to benefit as many students as possible, and we’re making the training free and available for everyone. All the videos are now available on the SYNBEE YouTube Channel videos. Here are the sessions you will be able to access to create your own Synbio innovator journey: 


Understanding Intellectual Property

Speakers: Sara Holland and Robert Cogger- Ward from Potter Clarkson

This session covers the fundamentals of intellectual property (IP) in the biotech field, including how to protect your innovations and navigate the complexities of patents. 


See full video here.

Also watch: Potter Clarson’s IP FAQs for startups

 Understanding the Biotech Market

Speaker: Jean François Bobier from the Boston Consulting Group.

An in-depth look at the biotech market landscape, trends, and key factors to consider when entering the market.


See full video here



A special all-day event featuring live discussions, expert roundtables, and a pitch Competition featuring innovative startups from around the world.


See full video here.


Personal Branding

Speaker: Ari Massoudi founder of Epistémê Entrepreneur

Tips and strategies for building and enhancing your personal brand as an entrepreneur in the biotech and synthetic biology sectors.

See full video here.

Learn more: Listen to Ari’s podcast, available on his website.

Startup financing in SYNBIO

Speaker: Alexandra Chukas from Da Vinci Labs

An overview of financing options for synthetic biology startups, including insights on securing funding and managing financial growth.


See full video here



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