SYNBEE: Unlocking the potential of Synthetic Biology

In the ever-evolving future, innovative projects are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. One such project is SYNBEE (SYNthetic Biology Entrepreneurial Ecosystem), a cutting-edge Horizon Europe initiative that is poised to enhance entrepreneurial and business skills of young professionals across Europe, specifically around Synthetic Biology! 


Why Synthetic Biology? 

Synthetic Biology or SynBio is a biological toolbox allowing to engineer living entities (cells, microbes, systems) as if they were made of blocks, switches, gates and circuits, enabling enhanced functions in a broad variety of applications. Think of Synthetic Biology as a set of instruments that enables scientists to engineer living organisms to perform specific functions and produce desired outcomes.  

Synthetic Biology is poised to revolutionize various industries, ranging from healthcare and agriculture to energy and environmental sustainability. Its potential to create innovative solutions to complex global challenges is unparalleled.  


Role of SYNBEE 

SYNBEE’s goal is to have better trained future entrepreneurs, ready to start up and build companies in Europe, able to scale-up, internationalize, and create future unicorns in Synthetic Biology, which is currently highly commercially unexploited industry. 

In the next 2 years, SYNBEE team made of 14 leading business, research and academic institutions from 8 countries (France, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States) will try to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of SynBio.  

SYNBEE will potentially become a main pin-point of the Synthetic Biology community, a pool of knowledge and valuable public resources.  

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