Where can I learn more about entrepreneurship and startups?

There are many resources online on startups and entrepreneurship. A lot of them are free, which is amazing for anyone thinking of getting started. While you are a student there are also great chances your university has an incubator or events for those who want to start a business.

Some cities have thriving entrepreneur communities. Find your local hub, they regularly organize meet-up events for entrepreneurs and people interested. Check Eventbrite, LinkedIn, or Meetup to find out what is happening near you. This is also an opportunity for you to grow your network and find people you could start a project with!

Many startup programs and communities are open source, which means that they are making some of their content available for anyone interested in starting a startup. This list mixes full on programs, videos and articles that could help you find your purpose, learn new methods and start building.


  • Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: Start with why. This video is a bit old, but it is a classic of startup education, it will get you to think about your purpose and how to infuse that in your business.
  • Techstars Entrepreneur’s toolkit is a free online educational resource to help you learn the fundamentals of startups and entrepreneurship.
  • What is design thinking and why is it so popular? By the interactive design foundation. Design thinking helps us question the problem, the assumptions, and the implications.
  • How to start a biotech company on a budget. Y Combinator is one of the most successful startup accelerators in the world. They share in this article the stories of their biotech startup alumni.
  • The iGEM blog provides lots of resources for students who are keen to get started.
  • Hear all startup news from the UK and Europe with Maddynews.


And since SYNBEE is all about biotech and synthetic biology, here are some good places to look at the latest news and reflections on the sector:


  • Stay up-to-date with biotech news and trends and sign-up for their newsletter here.
  • Learn all about deeptech startups in the Hello Tomorrow “The Corenewsletter.
  • Get bioindustry news weekly with the World Bio Market Insight newsletter.




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