Call for Mentors!

The SYNBEE project aims to enhance entrepreneurial skills of young synbio professionals across Europe! SYNBEE is inviting mentors to join the Biocatalyst Mentors Network by SYNBEE (the inaugural Pan-European Biotech Mentors Network), a pioneering initiative focused on biotech and specifically synthetic biology. 

Benefits of joining

We believe that your involvement will significantly impact the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs across Europe.


How to apply

To become a mentor in the Pan-European Biotech Mentors Network, please complete the provided form. The selection process will ensure the best possible matches for meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. Mentors can refuse to commit if they believe the match is not appropriate or for any other reason. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to at We do look forward to welcoming you to the Biocatalyst Mentors Network by SYNBEE.




What should I expect to contribute as a mentor?

The mentorship program is intended to provide insights, knowledge, connections, and advice from experienced professionals to startups and would-be founders – with the goal of helping overcome current challenges and maximizing the viability of their project.

Will I get paid for being a mentor?

Mentors participate in the program on a pro-bono basis, no compensation is envisaged either in cash or equity.

How many mentees will I have?

Each mentor is expected to have at least 1 mentee.  

How many mentors are there per team?

Each team will have 2-3 mentors working with them throughout the program

What do I commit to when joining the mentor network?

You can expect to mentor at least 1 team of current or future startup founders per program run; there are no contractual obligations and mentors can cancel their participation at any time.

Are there any costs associated with joining a mentor network?

The primary resource committed by the mentors is their personal time (ca 1 hour per month plus any preparation and further communication). For those wishing to take part in the live final event, travel costs will be covered by the Network. 

Can I choose which team/startup I’m mentoring?

Currently we match mentees with mentors internally; in case you decide your match does not suit you, we will offer alternative mentees.

Can I cancel my participation?

You can cancel anytime; we would appreciate it if mentors notified us several weeks in advance of such decisions. 

Should I participate in the final event? What is the location?

It is a great opportunity to meet the teams and fellow mentors in person. The travel costs of the mentors will be covered. The specific venue for the final event is yet to be determined. However, it is scheduled to occur in the spring of 2024 in Europe, concurrently with an innovation conference.  

How does the mentor-mentee matching process work?

We aim to pair teams with mentors, considering both the mentors’ areas of expertise and the diversity of backgrounds among our mentors. 

What if the mentorship isn’t working out?

As a first step, please reach out and we will try to solve the problem at hand. If this is not possible, we will try to reassign the mentor to another team.


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