Empowering your Biotech Startup

The SYNBEE project is aiming to enhance entrepreneurial skills of young SynBio professionals across Europe!

The application is open to join the Biocatalyst Mentors Network by SYNBEE (the inaugural Pan-European Biotech Mentors Network), an exceptional opportunity to propel the growth and success of your biotech startup. Through this network you will gain access to invaluable mentorship, collaboration, and recognition within the synthetic biology industry. 

Benefits of joining

Who can join

  1. Startups in the field of Biotech and specifically synthetic biology – early stage up to seed!
  2. Academic teams in the field of Biotech and specifically synthetic biology looking to commercialize their research
  3. Future founders with Biotech startup ideas

How to apply

Please submit your application using the provided application form. Selected teams will be invited for interviews to further evaluate
their fit for the program. Following the interviews, dedicated mentor teams will be assigned to each selected startup. These mentors possess the expertise and experience necessary to provide tailored guidance and support.




What should I expect to gain from participating? 

The mentorship program is intended to provide insights, knowledge, connections, and advice from experienced professionals to startups and would-be founders – with the goal of helping overcome current challenges and maximizing the viability of their project.

What are the selected criteria?

Participation is open to startups, teams, and future founders working on a project or developing an idea in the field of biotechnology. 

How long is the programme?

The duration of the mentorship programme is 6 months, with a least 1 monthly session. Upon mutual agreement more frequent meetings could be set up if necessary.

How much does the programme cost?

 Participating is free of charge. 

Should we physically be in a specific place to participate?

 No, you can interact with mentors remotely via video calls, emails, chats, etc. 

How many mentors are there per team?

Each team will have 2-3 mentors working with them throughout the programme. 

Must we be incorporated to participate?

No. The Programme is also open to researchers, students and professionals, interested in creating a startup in the future.

Is the participation open to startups outside EU?

At the moment the programme is focused on startups and teams based in the European Union (EU). However, strong teams from outside the EU are also welcome to apply and will be considered on  case-by-case basis.

Can we chose our mentor(s)? How does the mentor-mentee matching process work?

We carefully pair mentors with mentees, considering both mentors profiles and the specific project needs to ensure the most optimal matches possible. 

Will we sign a Non-disclosure Agreement?

While not mandatory, we encourage mentees to sign a non-disclosure agreement with their mentors. We can provide templates if needed.  Finally, if you feel that participation is not beneficial to your project, you can cancel without any legal or financial repercussions. 

What if the mentorship isn't working out? Can we cancel our participation?

Case-by-case basis. 

Can mentors potentially invest in or provide funding for startups in the network?​

Some mentors may also have active roles as venture capitalists (VCs), and if both parties mutually agree to extend their collaboration beyond the confines of the mentorship network, such a development is welcomed by the Network.

What is the location of the final event? ​

The specific venue for the final event is yet to be determined. However, it is scheduled to occur in the spring of 2024 in Europe, concurrently with an innovation conference. 


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