SYNBEE Pitch Competition

Are you a synthetic biology afficionado? Do you have in hands a disruptive idea to revolutionize sustainability, blue economy or green innovation? Do you feel like launching a start-up, and you need some expert advice? Apply to our pitch competition!

Applications closed! Results notifications by December 31, 2023


  1. Green innovation: Create solutions with a positive environmental impact (Biofuels from cyanobacteria, genetically modified enzymes to capture methane and transform it into new biodegradable biopolymers…
  2. Blue economy: Innovate while preserving oceans ecosystem (aquatic microorganisms to produce sustainable hydrogen, ocean decontamination via bacteria digesting hazards…)
  3. Sustainability: Rethink how to protect existing resources of our land (multi-use textiles, biomining, nature conservation…)

What you’ll get

  • All: join the SYNBEE community and get initial assessment of your idea
  • Finalists: training on good pitching practices and meet synbio experts
  • Winners: in-kind prizes from our sponsors


To apply, applicants must be researchers/entrepreneurs with a disruptive idea and project plan that is ready to be built into a start-up company. Level of  academic training will not be taken into consideration, however, the project should  demonstrate scientific excellence and applicants should be at a stage where they are  ready to pursue the development of their project. Only applications from the field of  synthetic biology will be considered and only applicants based and active in Europe,  Israel, Monaco, the UK, and Switzerland are invited to apply.




15 June 2023
Applications open

Online application form available 

8 December 2023
Applications Deadline

Online application form closed

31 December 2023

Notification of finalists

31 January 2024
Training session

Date for “perfecting the pitch” training session for all finalists

9 April 2024

Pitch competition during SYNBEE Day at EIC Facilities in Brussels

Let’s act together on climate change!

We are looking for in-kind prizes from sponsors, reach out at

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