The inaugural SYNBEE Pitch Competition has concluded its registration phase with a resounding success, drawing 15 applications from passionate researchers and founders across Europe. The competition, which focuses on synthetic biology solutions for sustainability, blue economy, and green innovation, has garnered interest from countries including France, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.


The competition, organised with the aim of fostering groundbreaking ideas and projects in synthetic biology, received an impressive array of applications.


The selection process prioritized the potential of projects to demonstrate scientific excellence and their readiness for transformation into thriving start-up companies. Unlike traditional criteria that might emphasize academic qualifications, SYNBEE placed emphasis on the innovativeness and ambition of the applicants, seeking those equipped with well-structured project plans and a desire to drive their distinctive ideas forward.


The next phase of the competition will see the careful evaluation of these promising projects, with successful applicants set to receive notifications of their acceptance by December 31, 2023. Those selected will then be invited to participate in a specialized training session starting on the same date, setting the stage for SYNBEE Day, a collaborative event co-organized with the European Innovation Council.


SYNBEE Day, scheduled for April 9, 2024, in Brussels, promises to be a pivotal moment for the chosen participants. The event will provide a platform for networking, learning, and showcasing their innovative ideas. Participants can expect expert guidance and insights, creating an environment conducive to further refining their projects and fostering connections within the synthetic biology community.


Finalists will benefit from training on good pitching practices and the chance to meet synthetic biology experts, while winners can look forward to receiving in-kind prizes from the competition’s sponsors.


The SYNBEE Pitch Competition stands as a testament to the vibrant and innovative landscape of synthetic biology in Europe.


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