How can I get involved in the Synthetic Biology Ecosystem?

SYNBEE offers a variety of programs for those who want to build the future of synthetic biology innovation in Europe. Whether you are a student, researcher or an entrepreneur in the synthetic biology sector, SYNBEE can help you achieve your goals. Our programs for students and researchers in European universities focusing on synthetic biology SYNBEE offers several opportunities and activities for those who are interested in the synthetic biology ecosystem.

From passion to startup in synbio – your journey with SYNBEE

SYNBEE offers two streams for bachelor, master, PhD students and researchers (post doctors and senior PIs):

  • Stream 1 is for those who have an idea an/or a team they want to work with on a startup creation but have not set up a business yet. We have a team of experts in startup setup, IP, public and private fundraising, branding – our aim is to accompany you in this process, while putting in contact with relevant mentors and investors (the program is completely free of charge).

Participants in the stream 1 are welcome to submit their idea in the frame of the SYNBEE pitch competition: the submission deadline is on December 8, 2023. The finals will take place in March 2024 in Brussels during an event co-organised with the European Innovation Council.

  • Stream 2 is for those who do not have an idea for a startup or a team yet (just curious). The SYNBEE program will help them improve their employability in the private sector and give them entrepreneurial skills.

    If you plan to work in an industrial setting in the future, or a consulting company, or to become self-employed, or just want to better understand the private sector methods and “vocabulary”, join the stream 2. If you are now studying / doing research in a lab, and are just curious about diverse entrepreneurship aspects (IP, fundraising, branding, business modeling, financial planning, etc.), this stream will be an excellent step on your journey.

    You will be exposed to flexible training sessions between February and April 2024, when you’ll be able to learn up-to-date Synbio market information, interact with brilliant speakers – experts in each domain of interest, truly putting Synbio products on the market, negotiating contracts, closing the deals and raising money in this exciting and challenging field.

Participants in the stream 2 will also be invited to join the SYNBEE hackathon in 2024, and matched with relevant industrial players, searching for their type of profile (if interested).

You are invited to express your interest hereAt this step we just need your name, email and choice of the stream.

For both programs, any nationality is welcome, you will need to be enrolled in a European university as a student or work as a researcher for a European institution, or to be an employee in a European company/institution, or to plan to set up business in Europe. The programs are completely free to join and only require a few hours per month to participate in online sessions.

SYNBEE will also organize two hackathons in 2024, make sure you follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to get all the updates.

For established startups in synbio

SYNBEE also offers a mentoring program for established synthetic biology startups who want to develop their business and search for advice form more experienced peers. The program is free of charge and takes no equity. Teams are matched with relevant mentors from the industry depending on their field of interest, development level and needs. SYNBEE mentors have decades of experience in diverse aspects, related to IP, fundraising, R&D, PoC, manufacturing, market launch, scale-up, internationalization. There will be opportunities to meet investors down the road during the planned events, or offline matching (upon your agreement).

To join the mentoring program You are invited to express your interest here.

Startups are welcome to join the SYNBEE Pitch Competition: the submission deadline is on December 8, 2023. The finals will take place in March 2024 in Brussels during an event co-organised with the European Innovation Council. The application process is quick: just submit your pitch deck here.

For experienced entrepreneurs in biotech

SYNBEE is looking for mentors who want to help train and upskill the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs. The mentor commitment will be a couple of hours per month and will give you exposure to the community we are bringing together in synthetic biology.

We invite mentors from diverse horizons with backgrounds in IP, fundraising, R&D, PoC, manufacturing, market launch, scale-up, internationalization, branding (this list is not exhaustive, please reach out if in doubt).

Each mentor will be proposed a relevant team to mentor, based on the topic of interest, development stage and key needs. The mentor can decide not to follow up with a specific team if out of their interest/competence scope.

To become a mentor please manifest your interest here.

What we mean by synthetic biology

Synthetic biology (also known as Synbio) is a scientific field that aims to design biological systems and biological machines or to re-design existing biological systems for different applications. The engineering approach of SynBio gives full control of these systems, which could range from metabolic networks, to cells, tissues and more.

The range of applications is very wide and there are many opportunities to develop businesses in this field.

Send us your application before the 15/12 if you want to participate in our programs here.

If in doubt which activities might be relevant for you, don’t hesitate to drop us a message via the contact form, or reach out via social media!


Stay in the SynBio loop!

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